The Crazy Kitchen: #OnkenTips Instagram Cookbook & Garlic and Cumin Seed Bread

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Thursday 15 October 2015

#OnkenTips Instagram Cookbook & Garlic and Cumin Seed Bread

Instagram is a great source of inspiration, whether it's fashion, home interiors or food. Whilst I'm not that interested in fashion, I am interested in looking into other people's homes, and very interested in looking at mouth watering food. Onken have created the UK's very first crowdsourced Instagram cookbook, sourced from their community over a two month period, and have included recipes, tips and ways to use yogurt in everyday dishes.

#OnkenTips Instagram Cookbook
The book includes recipes for healthy breakfasts, mouthwatering mains and delicious desserts.

 photo Onken Instagram Recipe Book8_zpswuvz2tc6.png
 photo Onken Instagram Recipe Book11_zpsnzw1pisf.png

I decided to use some Onken fat free yogurt to make some garlic & cumin seed bread to accompany our curry, inspired by @MissMamo's Garlic Bread, and it was delicious. (add tsp cumin seed to the recipe)

Garlic and Cumin Seed Bread Garlic and Cumin Seed Bread

You can view the the recipe for the bread, along with other recipes and tips, in the Onken Instagram Cookbook online here.

this post has been commissioned by Onken

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