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Tuesday 18 November 2014

Christmas Dinner Is Served

A few days ago I shared my Christmas dinner preparations for a simple family Christmas dinner. This post is about the table decor and the meal itself.

I decided to go with red and white this year and Homebase did not let me down with the accessories they had on offer. I managed to pick up everything I needed (and more) to set our table, including a table runner, plates and bowls, lighting, snack bowls, candle holders, crackers, tree decorations (which I used to fill a glass jar) and a gorgeous reindeer cushion.

 photo decor1_zps37b579c2.jpg

My favourite item is the Christmas tree light, which has a long cable and can sit on the dinner table or sideboard. It's so nice that it will be a shame to put it away after Christmas (I loved some of my Christmas lights so much that they have stayed up for the last 3 years!)

 photo decor2_zpsdba765a9.jpg  photo decor3_zpsb5c08ec9.jpg  photo decor4_zpsfc8bb6d3.jpg  photo decor5_zpse51117fd.jpg  photo decor6_zps1124ec5e.jpg  photo decor7_zpsdf9f936e.jpg  photo decor8_zpsb4ea72ad.jpg

Once Jack returned home from his swimming lesson, Christmas jumpers were donned (albeit a bit snug), we all sat down, pulled crackers and ate dinner, whilst listening to Christmas music (yes I know it's only November, but it was fun!)

 photo decor10_zpscf2f8ee7.jpg
 photo decor9_zpsb11b77c2.jpg

 photo jackcracker_zps20718422.jpg  photo pullingcracker_zpsf90e11ba.jpg
 photo jackdinner_zps23b1e2a2.jpg
Figgy's Christmas Pudding
possibly the best Christmas pudding we have eaten!

After dinner we had a family game of Scrabble before it descended into chaos as Mum had too many vowels and Sam didn't know where to use his 'q' and Hanna insisted that she needed to do her homework!

 photo xmasparty_zps3ce9b334.jpg

Christmas at Homebase

this post has been commissioned by Homebase

Christmas pudding provided by Figgy's

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