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Monday 24 November 2014

Chocolate Irish Coffee Pots

Almost everyone has an opened bottle of cream liquor in their cupboard, whether it's Baileys or a cheaper supermarket brand such as Carolans, Ballycastle or O'Connors. It doesn't matter which you use in this recipe as it just adds a hint of alcohol to the little coffee mousse pots.

Chocolate Irish Coffee Pots

If served in an espresso cup they are the perfect size to be served at a dinner party, either as a canapé or dessert.

Chocolate Irish Coffee Pots

They are easy to make & can be whipped up in no time, leaving you plenty of time for socialising at your party!

Chocolate Irish Coffee Pots

Find the full recipe on the Great British Chefs website here.

This recipe has been commissioned by Great British Chefs

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