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Tuesday 7 October 2014

Chocolate Halloween Treats

With Halloween almost upon us I decided to have a practice run making some chocolate treats for the kids. They can be used on a Halloween party food table or wrapped and given to trick or treaters. I used some moulds that I bought from, and chocolate from Hadleigh Maid.

Hadleigh Maid.

Hadleigh Maid are a small Suffolk based family run business, who are passionate about chocolate, with expertise in various chocolate manufacturing techniques. 

The baking buttons come in resealable 350g paper bags, and are blended without additives, and are naturally gluten free. They melt really smoothly and easily, and taste pretty good too! They also make a wide range of bags, bars and boxes of chocolates, including Walnut Whirls in deliciously sounding chocolate orange and coffee flavours.

I made a selection of Halloween shapes and lollipops, and bars scattered with Halloween sweets and sprinkles.

Trying to be a little bit healthy I also dipped some apples in white chocolate and covered them in sprinkles, which the kids loved.

Chocolate Halloween Treats Chocolate Halloween Treats Chocolate Halloween Treats Chocolate Halloween Treats

The baking buttons will be available to buy online from mid November for £3.99 per bag, where you can also enter their giveaway to win a Baker's bundle

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Hadleigh Maid Baker's bundle

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