The Crazy Kitchen: #Afterschoolchefs : Chicken & Rice Wrap

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Wednesday 17 September 2014

#Afterschoolchefs : Chicken & Rice Wrap

I'm trying to get Sam into cooking more, but so far his speciality is either toast, beans on toast or spaghetti on toast. If he puts his mind to it he can make a pasta bolognaise, but that takes a bit longer to make than he's usually prepared to wait.

I've stocked up the freezer with a few items to make his snack/meal times a bit more varied, on the odd occasion that he needs to fend for himself.

#Afterschoolchefs : Chicken & Rice Wrap

He can now make rice and chicken in a wrap for himself as well as his siblings. If he's really hungry he may add a potato waffle on the side. It takes just 20 minutes to rustle up this tasty creation, in 10 simple steps. He can then go off out and play with his mates, with a full belly, until he rolls in at 9 to eat his tea.

Teenagers directions to make a Chicken & Rice Wrap - serves 1

Step 1 : Turn the oven on to 230C
Step 2 : Remove Birds Eye Crispy Chicken from the box and place onto a baking tray
Step 3 : Place tray in the oven
Step 4 : Turn timer on for 20 minutes
Step 5 : Remove pouch of Birds Eye Golden Vegetable Rice from pack
Step 6 : Place in the microwave for 3.5 minutes (depending on microwave)
Step 7 : Lay wrap on plate
Step 8 : Go and get changed/do homework/watch TV/annoy siblings
Step 9 : Once timer has gone off remove chicken from oven & slice into strips
Step 10 : Remove rice from microwave, empty out onto wrap, top with chicken strips and fold up

#Afterschoolchefs : Chicken & Rice Wrap #Afterschoolchefs : Chicken & Rice Wrap #Afterschoolchefs : Chicken & Rice Wrap

I think my services in the kitchen are rapidly becoming surplus to requirement.

This post is an entry for #Afterschoolchefs Linky Challenge, sponsored by Birds Eye. Learn more on the Birds Eye Facebook page & I was provided with Birds Eye vouchers

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