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Thursday 20 December 2012

Gingerbread House Christmas 2012

I finally got around to making my gingerbread house today after a false start last night. The odds were stacked against me when I looked in the golden syrup tin to find only a small amount at the bottom, and the plain flour jar didn't look much healthier. Thankfully a friend came to my rescue bringing me a bag of flour in my hour of need and I could finish making my gingerbread. After we chatted for a while over wine I suddenly lost the will to bake the house though and put the dough in the fridge until the next day.

The following day the dough resembled a large lump of toffee but after a quick burst in the microwave and much kneading it returned to it's soft state.

I used the Tesco recipe and template that I've previously used, and remembered to add boiled sweets to the windows to give the stained glass effect (thankfully there was a few leftover lollipops from trick or treat).


I again used chocolate cake covering to 'glue' the walls & roof together, which I find to be really easy as it hardens in seconds (as well as tasting better than royal icing).

This time I went for the theory that 'less is more'....translated as 'I never got round to buying sweets' and 'I couldn't be bothered', but the kids were pleased with my efforts nonetheless 

If you've made a gingerbread house this Christmas please come and link it up below. If you're thinking about making one then it really isn't that difficult, honest, you just need to spare a few hours to make it without attempting to rush it, or it will just end in tears.


I am also linking this up to Nazima & Laura's One Ingredient challenge


and also Angie's linky & competition


  1. Wow Helen another beautiful gingerbread house made by you! You are clever. Love how it looks when lit up x


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