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Tuesday 17 July 2012

10 Minute Cardboard Box Oven

Jack was making 'cakes' with Play-doh this morning, rolling and shaping and popping into cake cases in a mini muffin pan. He then needed to bake them, obviously, but his microwave's on the blink and really needed a proper oven. I didn't have time to nip to Ikea and buy one of those super duper life-like ovens so instead set about transforming a cardboard box.

First up I taped the top of the box up as that was now going to be the back. I then turned it on its end and cut a door out of the front. A door needs a handle so a strip of cardboard and some tape et voila.....


All ovens have a shelf inside so I folded a couple of squares of scrap card 90 degrees and taped them onto the insides of the oven for the shelf to rest on.....


Control knobs were made out of circles of card covered in foil and taped in place....


The top was an A4 sheet of card with circles drawn on for the hotplates and smaller circles for the knobs....


Easy peasy oven in around 10 minutes.



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