The Crazy Kitchen: Quorn and Butternut Squash Curry

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Sunday 25 March 2012

Quorn and Butternut Squash Curry

After a weekend of partying and wine drinking I needed to make an easy dinner tonight, that also 'hit the spot'. I popped some baking spuds in the oven before looking in the fridge/freezer to see what we had to go with them. I spotted some Quorn mince and instead of making the usual bolognaise or chilli I quite fancied a curry so after throwing a few ingredients together we enjoyed a lovely curry over the oven baked potatoes.


Quorn and Butternut Squash Curry

tbsp oil
1 onion, chopped
1 small or 1/2 large Butternut Squash, peeled & diced
curry powder (quantity will depend on how spicy you want it and the intensity of your powder)
300g Quorn Mince
500ml vegetable stock
1 tbsp smooth peanut butter (don't tell the husband as he hates it!)
handful of frozen peas
2 tbsp natural Greek yoghurt

  • Fry the onion in the oil for 2 minutes
  • Add the squash and fry for a further 2 minutes
  • Add the mushrooms, curry powder, Quorn and stock, stir and replace lid and cook for 15-20 minutes minutes, until the squash is softened
  • Keep an eye on it and add more stock (or water) if it starts to dry out
  • When the squash is cooked all the way through stir in the peanut butter and the peas and cook for a further minute
  • Stir in the yoghurt just before removing from the heat and serving

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