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Monday 28 November 2011

This is The Crazy Kitchen

Over three years ago (whilst I was pregnant with Jack) I starting researching Conservatories. I knew it was our best option of increasing space in the house to cater for our new addition, along with my expanding business. I had (in my mind and on paper) knocked almost every wall down in the house to work out possible options. Although these were good ideas that would give us more usable space it didn't help with giving us more overall space so we decided that a conservatory was our only option. both cost and time wise.

More than a year later we still hadn't decided what to do, I was still busily drawing plans and researching Conservatory prices. There were so many decisions to make, design, size, colour, how many opening windows, glass or polycarbonate roof, it was mind boggling and a decision that I didn't want to get wrong.

In the end we opted for a Gable ended square (almost) Conservatory in white UPVC with almost all of the top windows opening and a glass roof, and it was completed just in time for Jack's first birthday.


Our conservatory is now the heart of our home where we have enjoyed many parties (for both the kids and adults) as it forms part of our kitchen, hence the name of my blog The Crazy Kitchen.


Photobucket Photobucket

If you're thinking of having a conservatory I would definitely recommend shopping around and comparing prices as they do vary a lot. I would also recommend that you go for the best that you can afford, after all it's a longterm investment and something that can often give your home the wow factor.

You can also compare double glazing prices and orangeries prices.

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