The Crazy Kitchen: How to Wrap a Gift Basket in Cellophane

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Sunday 27 November 2011

How to Wrap a Gift Basket in Cellophane


Over the years that I've been wrapping gift baskets I've found this way to be the best for wrapping large baskets in cellophane. It doesn't use too much cellophane and there is no waste.

You can buy large rolls of cellophane off the internet or craft stores or florists but if you just want a single length your local florist may be able to sell that to you too.

To calculate how much you will need measure all around the widest part of the basket or container and then add approx 5cm to this measurement.

Cut your cellophane to this length.

Lay your cellophane flat on a large flat surface - preferably not a carpeted or dusty surface as the cellophane attracts dust & bits.

Fold each side into the middle and overlap by 2cm and secure with small pieces of tape at intervals along the join.


Make a gusset at each side by folding inwards and press down - make sure the gusset on each side is similar in size.


Fold the bottom of the cellophane over twice and secure with tape.


You should now have a large bag that you can insert your basket or container into. If you have a particularly large or heavy basket it will be easier to have an extra pair of hands - one to keep the bag open and one to lower the basket inside.


If you want to wrap the gift in cellophane but you don't want the recipient to see the contents you can insert a sheet or 2 of tissue paper before inserting the gift.

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  1. Thats great and so handy to know - ihave always been put off doing them myself x


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