The Crazy Kitchen: 8 Small Kitchen Appliances you Shouldn't Live Without

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Friday 23 March 2018

8 Small Kitchen Appliances you Shouldn't Live Without

You often see articles in magazines and online telling you which kitchen gadgets are a waste of money, or which small appliances you can live without. Well today I'm here to tell you which small kitchen appliances you really shouldn't live without. I'm not saying you need all of them in your life, but if you're a keen home cook like myself, then they really do help make life easier. Incidentally, I do own ALL of the items listed, and actually own more than one food mixer and food processor. Why, you may ask? Well, why not.

1. Food Processor
Admittedly they're not for everyone, and many people may have one lurking at the back of their cupboard that they may have used once or twice and then forgotten about. My top tip to make sure it gets used is to have it out on the worktop. Not everyone has the space, and let's face it, some food processors are pretty ugly, but if you do have a little corner space then there are some pretty sexy beasts out there that would look good on any worktop. 

2. Food Mixer
The same applies for a food mixer as it does for a food processor; they take up space and are often relegated to the back of the cupboard where they lay unused for years. If you want to impress your friends then I can guarantee that a Kitchen Aid classic stand mixer sat upon your worktop will get them swooning. So many colours are available now that they work in any kitchen and act as a piece of art as well as having a practical use.
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3. Blender
There are a few different types of blenders, and which one is best would really depend on what you're going to use it for. If you're a serious smoothie addict and don't start the day without a green smoothie then a Nutribullet is the must have blender. These are seriously powerful and can cut through frozen fruits and ice with no trouble. They also have the advantage of being portable - add a lid to the plastic jar and have your smoothie on the go. If you make a lot of soups then hand blenders are ideal as they save on so much washing up compared to a regular blender. They're not just for soups though, and (with the right attachments) can be used for milkshakes, sauces, batters, salsa and whipping cream. If you're all about looks and want something to sit on your worktop, then a jug blender could be for you.

4. Slow Cooker
A slow cooker is the must have small appliance for the busy family. Pop a few ingredients in the pot before you leave for work and hey presto you have a meal ready when you walk through the door later on. They're not just for soups and stews, and are ideal for cooking a whole chicken, pulled pork and even cakes and desserts.

5. Pressure Cooker or Instant Pot
A pressure cooker is similar to a slow cooker, but the opposite, if that makes sense! I use my pressure cooker to cook many of the meals that I would cook in my slow cooker, but it's perfect for procrastinators just like me, especially those that work from home. I may have every intention of cooking a meal in the slow cooker but get distracted, and by lunchtime realise that I've left it too late, so out comes the pressure cooker and I can cook the same meal in a fraction of the time.

6. Microwave
Not everyone likes a microwave, and many people that get rid of them say that they don't miss it. I'm not one of those people, and use my microwave multiple times a day. It's used to defrost bagels for breakfast, heat milk for morning coffee, cook a spud for lunch and reheat a meal for those members of the family that aren't home for dinner. Microwaves usually have a one touch start, making them easy to use even for the kids, and mine can often be found making mug cakes in ours, or Mum's Emergency Microwave Chocolate Cake, for those moments when you need pudding in a hurry!

7. Toaster
We eat a lot of toast here, morning, noon & night, and it's one of the first small appliances that the kids get to use as part of teaching them to become independent. As long as nobody touches the dial you get a perfectly cooked meal every time. I guess we could manage without one, but think of all those wasted slices of burnt toast that are thrown away when the kids get distracted by their phone & take their eye off the grill. You can even get toasters that cook an egg on the side at the same time!

8. Air Fryer
If you love chips but are also trying to eat a little healthier then an air fryer is a must. Beautifully cooked chips, made with little oil, in around 25 minutes. They're not just for chips though, and depending on the model and the attachments it comes with, you can also make risottos, stir fry's, roasted veggies, crispy chicken, and so much more. I've even made bolognese in mine!

Which small kitchen appliances will you be buying next?

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  1. I love my slow cooker, but hardly ever use my mixer as it is SO heavy!

  2. Do you find Cleaning many of these products to be a hassle

    1. not at all as they usually go in the dishwasher - apart from the microwave & toaster!


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