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Monday 15 July 2013

Simple Baking activity with Preschoolers

Jack has just one week left at Preschool before the summer holiday and starting school in September. He only goes for 3 days in the week which means I have just 1 day left with him to myself, just 1 day left of it being just the two of us, a team, partners in crime. He is a joy to be with, so funny and so happy all of the time, from the moment he wakes up until the moment his head hits the pillow and he falls asleep. On Friday he fell asleep in the car and when we got to the bank I needed to wake him, he opened his eyes, said 'ooh my flip flop has fallen off' and then laughed hysterically.

 photo IMG_1086_zps8bebcfe7.jpg

I'm going to miss him, but I won't miss how exhausted he makes me after a day of constant question asking, chatter and singing. If I ever get the urge to spend a few hours with toddlers and preschoolers though I know that I can go into his Preschool and offer my services, which is what I did last week. I was asked to cover for a staff member and so I offered to do some simple baking - although there was no actual baking involved in this activity but the little ones absolutely loved it.

I had six children at a time to do the activity and to start gave each a tray with a bowl, a coffee stirrer, a small spoon and 3 marshmallows on.

 photo marshmallows1_zps6841618a.jpg

Step 1 - thread the marshmallows onto the wooden stick.

All of the children managed to do this, although some of the 2 year olds need a little help as their little hot hands managed to make the marshmallows rather sticky.

I then gave them some melted chocolate (melted in the microwave and allowed to cool slightly) in their bowls.

Step 2 - spoon the chocolate over the marshmallows.

Some of the children drizzled slowly and carefully whereas others spooned it on as quickly as possible, eager to get onto the next step.

Step 3 - Sprinkles!

This was the really fun part. I took in some 100's and 1000's in a shaker and each child took turns in shaking the sprinkles onto the melted chocolate - they all started off gently with a slow sprinkle which quickly turned into an avalanche!

 photo marshmallows2_zps35a09e48.jpg

The marshmallow kebabs were then placed in the fridge to set and then wrapped in a cellophane bag to take home later.

The little ones absolutely loved doing this and I really enjoyed doing it with them, and all the parents were extremely pleased when their children came out of preschool on a boiling hot day asking to eat their rapidly melting chocolate marshmallows!

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