The Crazy Kitchen: Simple Beef & Mustard Sausage Rolls

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Tuesday 26 March 2013

Simple Beef & Mustard Sausage Rolls

My kids love sausage rolls, and unfortunately they're not fussy about the quality of the sausage inside them.  When I make them myself though I like to use good quality sausages as they not only emit less fat than cheaper sausage meat or sausages, but they are also flavoured well and it's possible to make lovely sausage rolls without much mess or effort. For these I used beef and red wine sausages, which were shorter than regular sausages and a perfect size for lunchtime sausage rolls. I added Dijon mustard but unfortunately we couldn't taste it once they were cooked so I know for next time to add twice the amount.

 photo sausagerolls_zps9922c969.jpg

Simple Beef & Mustard Sausage Rolls

320g Ready Rolled Puff pastry sheet
Dijon mustard
480g Beef Sausages (12 small sausages)
1 Egg, beaten

  • Cut the pastry into strips as wide as the sausage and 2cm longer
  • Spread a spoonful (or more) mustard over the pastry, leaving 2cm at the end
  • Brush beaten egg onto the end without mustard
  • Place the sausage at the opposite end 
     photo sausagerolls1_zpse35ab141.jpg

  • Roll the sausage up and press down the end & placed on a baking sheet
  • Repeat with the remaining sausages & pastry
  • Score the pastry diagonally, careful not to score the sausages
  • Brush beaten egg over the pastry
     photo sausagerolls2_zpsc1ddbc52.jpg

  • Bake in a preheated 180 C oven for 30 minutes until golden brown

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