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Sunday 28 October 2012

Halloween Gingerbread House Challenge

Last January myself and Susan decided that we should make a gingerbread house for every occasion throughout the year to get some practice in for our Pièce de résistance at Christmas.

Firstly we had Valentines Day


and then Easter

we were going to make one in the Summer but never got around to it, so it's been a few months since our last attempt but as it's getting ever closer to Christmas there is no backing out of our last chance for a practice before the big one.

We've been roping in as many willing gingerbread house makers as possible who we hope will enjoy making and decorating possibly their first gingerbread house ever, and have set up a Linky so everyone can link their posts up and see everyone elses posts at the same time. We've set it up as a blog hop so you can add the code to the bottom of your post and others will find it easier to add their links too.

If you are a pro gingerbread house maker or have never made one before it doesn't matter, as long as you have made a Halloween gingerbread house for this Halloween you can join in with our challenge. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece, we just want everyone to have fun and possibly learn some new skills and tips along the way.

The linky is open until a week after Halloween so hopefully there is plenty of time to join in.

There are lots of gingerbread recipes on the internet and I've used the one on the Tesco Real Food website, which also has a template.

You can find us both on twitter if you want to join in with some gingerbread house chat - @susankmann @jessies_kitchen

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