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Wednesday 16 May 2012

Chocolate Cake In a Mug

I've seen this recipe done before but never got around to making one. Last week the lovely Susan posted a recipe on her blog which prompted me to give it a go, actually I just let 9 year old H make it herself.

This is so easy and I can't believe we've never tried it before. You can find the recipe over on Susan's blog, which we followed exactly apart from the vanilla as we used vanilla caster sugar.


It was baked in our 700w microwave for 3 minutes and was perfect. Whilst it was cooking it rose up an inch or more over the top of the mug but unfortunately I never got a photo and by the time I took it out it has deflated - the reason why I have never attempted a souffle.


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  1. I make mug cakes when Im out of chocolate to get my fix lol. Enjoy x

  2. Aww I'm so honoured you made it. Way to go your 9 yo its so easy & yummy. Nothing as yummy as your cakes but it's yummy all the same. Hugs xx


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