The Crazy Kitchen: 5 Minute Easter Chocolate Nests

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Tuesday 19 April 2011

5 Minute Easter Chocolate Nests

These chocolate nests are perfect to make with the kids as they are so quick and easy. Older children could even make them themselves, with a bit of assistance melting the chocolate. And they really so only take about 5 minutes.

Now, as soon as I had made them I knew I should've done some weighing & measuring so I could share it with my blog readers, however I didn't....I just threw a few pieces of chocolate in the bowl & once it was melted I mixed just enough cornflakes in for them to be covered, so you just need to add a few at a time to ensure good chocolate coverage (or you could use my tried and tested recipe for a Valentine Chocolate Heart and make into nests instead)

You will need :

Milk Chocolate or Chocolate Flavour Cake Covering - I used Dr Oetker cake covering as it sets really quickly and is ready to eat almost immediately 


Mini Eggs

Small Cake cases (the pastel ones I used were from Asda)

Melt the chocolate in a microwavable bowl in a microwave, on short bursts (60 seconds initially and then around 30 seconds), stirring in between bursts.

Stir the cornflakes in quickly until they are all coated in chocolate.

Spoon into the cake cases and arrange mini eggs on the top, you will need to do this quickly if using the cake covering or they won't stick.



Concentrating Hard

I guess the middle one is for Jack


One left for Mummy!


  1. Looks Like you had fun glad to see that the kids saved you one :)

  2. That looked like such good fun! My son made some at nursery with crushed shredded wheat for the nests. He wouldn't eat it when he got home, but I can confirm it was very yummy! Looking forward to making some next week! x

  3. Arrrrgh Helen!!!! Stop making me hungry for chocolate eggs nests at this time of the morning - it's not fair! Looks like you had a great time making them. I think I need to get some done now x


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