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Monday, 15 July 2013

Gifts for Teachers - Tin Can Flowerpots

It might be cutting it a bit fine to make gifts for the teachers but there could still be time to make these cut little pots. I got the inspiration a few months back from the lovely Annie, and made a few for our seedlings. Unfortunately I'm not too green fingered & they died a miserable death. I've decided to try again but this time we will be giving the young plants away in the hope of a better life elsewhere.

We did have a bit better luck with the flower seeds that we planted a few weeks ago and they're thriving so I thought it would be a nice idea to give some to the Preschool staff along with a copy of Red Ted Art that I was lucky enough to get signed by Maggy herself at BritMums Live.

First of all I cut strips of paper to cover the cans with - a sheet of A4 cut lengthways was just the right width. 

The husband drilled a few holes in the base of each can and 3 spaced around the sides near the top edge for the twine.

We stamped the paper with the names of each member of staff and whilst I cooked dinner Jack decorated them with stickers. I was very impressed with the stickering, he made them look amazing.

making tin can flower pots photo jackstickers_zps99a57447.jpg

The labels were taped in place on the cans.

tin can flower pots photo flowerpots_zpse4262b20.jpg

We then carefully filled the cans halfway up and potted our small plants into the cans and topped them up with compost.

tin can flower pots photo flowerpots3_zps0ba5c20b.jpg

3 equal lengths of twine were cut for each can and threaded through the holes around the edge of the can with a knot tied at each end and tied together at the top.

tin can flower pots photo flowerpots2_zpsfe676753.jpg
A very cheap, and cute,  gift for teachers.

tin can flower pots photo plantpots4_zpse998b1cb.jpg


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