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Monday 20 November 2017

Triple Chocolate Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

It's been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently, and I seem to have lost my baking mojo a bit. I just hope it returns very soon as I have mincemeat slices, chilli cheese scones and cookies that I want to make in the run up to Christmas. 

Last week my mojo returned for just one day and I made the most of it but rustling up a quick dessert when Jack had a friend round for tea. I know ice cream is generally reserved for the Summer months, but my kids like ice cream all year round so we usually have a tub of vanilla in the freezer for weekends. Last week I treated them to a tub of triple chocolate, which worked perfectly sandwiched in between homemade chocolate waffles, and then dipped in yet more chocolate.

Chocolate Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

I saw the idea for Ice Cream Tacos on Facebook recently, and shared the video recipe on my page, whilst thinking 'y'know, I reckon I could give those a go, they look super simple' . Well, like most of those food videos by Tasty & the like, it's not always as easy as it first looks. Firstly, my waffle maker isn't a waffle cone maker (adds waffle cone maker to Christmas wish list), and secondly, unless you have some super duper industrial super fast freezing freezer, you may end up with a drippy mess, much like myself, as the heat of the waffle not only burns your fingers as you try & fold it, but it also melts the ice cream and keeps melting it even when it's in the freezer. So, after the first waffle failed, I decided I would slice the hot waffle in half and once cool I would then add the frozen ice cream slice. If you want to try it the other way then be warned!

Chocolate Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

Also, make sure you remove them from the freezer approx 10-15 minutes before you want to eat them, unless you want to have dentures for the rest of your life. Again, you have been warned!
Chocolate Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

Chocolate Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

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