The Crazy Kitchen: A Fuss Free Italian Antipasti Platter

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Friday 9 June 2017

A Fuss Free Italian Antipasti Platter

When it comes to the weekend it's sometimes nice to have a break from the cooking, without having the expense of going out for a meal. In the comfort of my own home, I enjoy having a bit of a 'picky' tea whilst enjoying the evening sunshine in the garden, or watching trashy tv with the family, if the weather is as bad as it has been recently!

Putting together an antipasti platter takes only a matter of minutes, but can look impressive enough to wow dinner party guests, as well as being informal enough to share with family in the back garden, or even taking on a picnic.

A Fuss Free Italian Antipasti Platter

Ciao Gusto is a collective of authentic Italian food and drink brands, and their wide range of products makes it easy to put together a platter of antipasti.

A Fuss Free Italian Antipasti Platter

Products are available to order online from the Ocado Ciao Gusto shop, making it even easier to enjoy the taste of Italy without leaving your home.

I ordered roasted peppers and sun dried tomatoes from the Ponti range of antipasti in jars, dry cured smoked ham from Negroni, mozzarella from Auricchio, and crispbread/croutons from Amica.

A Fuss Free Italian Antipasti Platter

Along with olives, breadsticks, toasted ciabatta, ricotta cheese, fresh baby plum tomatoes, stuffed peppers, flavoured oils (lemon olive oil is particularly nice drizzled over mozzarella) and some fresh herbs, it made for a very delicious antipasti platter.

A Fuss Free Italian Antipasti Platter A Fuss Free Italian Antipasti Platter

You can follow Ciao Gusto on their social channels :

I was provided with shopping vouchers to enable me to buy the products included in this post

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