The Crazy Kitchen: Chocolate Orange Pancakes for Pancake Day 2017

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Saturday 25 February 2017

Chocolate Orange Pancakes for Pancake Day 2017

Pancake Day will soon be upon us, and kids all over the country will be pestering their parents for pancakes after school. If you want to really impress the kids then instead of slaving over the stove for ages making crepe style pancakes, and having them eaten before you've make the next one, make a batch of these chocolate orange pancakes the evening before and warm them up for a pancake day breakfast.

We often have American style pancakes as they are so much less time consuming to make than the larger, thinner pancakes that I grew up eating once a year. Once you've got the hang of making these you will want to make them every week rather than once a year!

Chocolate Orange Pancakes

This pancake day the kids have requested waffles, as they like to be rebellious, but I expect I will be making pancakes too. I think my favourite pancakes have to be the Mincemeat Pancakes that I make at Christmas, so I may rustle a batch of those up on Tuesday as I still have plenty of homemade mincemeat in the pantry.

Chocolate Orange Pancakes

Chocolate Orange Pancakes Chocolate Orange Pancakes

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