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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Incorporating Orange Juice into your child's diet, and a recipe for Breakfast Muffins

With having teenagers I know that it can be particularly tricky to make sure they get enough fruit & veg in their diet. On the whole, mine are pretty good with vegetables, but teenagers are naturally lazy and it takes too much effort to peel an orange or bite into an apple. If I cut the fruit up & make a bowlful of fruit salad they will help themselves and eat the lot in no time, but I don't always have the time (or inclination) for all that faff.

By having a carton of orange juice in the fridge I know that all three kids can easily get themselves at least one of their 5 (or is it now 10?) a day with their breakfast, without too much effort. Just one 150ml glass or 100% pure orange juice can provide children with one of their 5 a day, as well as being a good source of vitamin C (100% RDA), potassium and folates. Vitamin C is essential for a healthy immune system, and potassium & folates help with cell and muscle tissue repair. Consuming orange juice with a meal can also help to increase the absorption of iron rich foods such as fortified cereals, which makes breakfast an ideal time to have it.

If you have teens like my daughter though, more time in the mornings will be spent doing hair and makeup than thinking about breakfast, so these Breakfast Muffins make an ideal grab and go solution. Teamed up with a small bottle or carton of the recommended 150ml serving of orange juice, it makes a perfect breakfast. The muffins can be made the night before and packed up in a lunchbox ready to grab before running for the school bus.

Ingredients in the muffins can be tailored to suit. These have veggie sausages, pepper, onion & tomato in, which can be replaced with bacon, mushrooms and spinach, for example.

 photo breakfast muffins 3_zpsc8xktsvm.jpg

The Big Fry Up: 7 frying pans to cover all occasions

A good selection of stovetop cookware is essential for every kitchen. As all chefs know, quality pots and pans are the tools of the trade with which to unleash your culinary creativity and cook up fabulous food for the dining table.

Friday, 24 March 2017

10 Mother's Day Gifts for under £5

It's Mother's Day on Sunday and if you haven't picked up a little something yet I've put together a small collection of gifts that can be bought for under £5. These are great if the kids want to pick out something for their Mum or Grandma and spend their own pocket money.

Home made gifts are a lovely idea too, but we don't always have the time or inclination for that, although these Tin Can Flowerpots take very little effort as well as being fun to make. If the kids fancy baking a cake for Mum a simple chocolate cake can be the way to go.
Mother's Day gifts under £5

8 tips for an environmentally responsible kitchen

If you’re having your kitchen redesigned, now is the perfect time to rethink your environmental credentials. Not only will you be doing your bit for the planet, thinking sustainably may actually save you money on your utility bills. Choosing green won’t affect the functionality, style and performance of your kitchen – it may even improve it.


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