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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

3 High-End Desserts That Require No Effort

With summer just around the corner, thoughts turn to looking good in our summer clothes and that means making a resolution to be good and cut out desserts. “Fresh fruit only!” is the vow heard up and down the country. Until unexpected guests arrive for dinner, that is, and you quail at offering them a few slices of orange with yoghurt artistically arranged on top. Never mind the diet, these dinner guests need something impressive, and they need it fast!

Here are suggestions for three of the best.

Limoncello and raspberry semi-freddo

 photo semifredo_zpszk493asf.jpg
This limoncello and raspberry semifreddo sounds (and looks!) very impressive but takes little effort – it can even be made a couple of weeks in advance and whipped out when needed. Unlike ice cream, you don’t need special equipment: a simple bread tin takes the place of a fancy ice cream maker. A great plus to this is that if you’re determined to be good you can just nibble the raspberry garnish. Ring the changes by folding orange zest and an orange liqueur such as Grand Marnier through instead of limoncello and raspberry, a shot of espresso and coffee liqueur, for example Tia Maria, or make it alcohol free and use a dash of orange juice and chopped chocolate, or pistachio and honey. You can use your favourite cake flavours, or try mixing new combinations!

Espresso biscotti

 photo Biscotti_di_Prato_zpsa3fopzid.jpg
Just the word “biscotti” conjures a world of chic, with images of elegant Italians nibbling the classic biscuits. These espresso biscotti are simple, quick, and don’t have a long ingredients list. Enjoy them with a latte for a double coffee hit! 

It’s their simplicity that makes them so elegant, so use the best quality, fresh ingredients. Don’t worry that the recipe lists almonds, ground almonds and almond powder too – if you can’t find the almond powder or even ground almonds, it’s really simple to pop the desired weight in a plastic cup and grind them to the right consistency with a stick blender. You can use a clean coffee grinder for this too, since a little extra coffee flavour won’t hurt! 

Toffee apple layered dessert

 photo tumblr_ms6xocOTmI1qixyy1o1_500_zpsonqudb65.jpg
Looks great, takes no time at all, and easily feeds four people. The part that makes it look good comes in the presentation, so make sure you use the nicest glasses you’ve got, and make sure you can see the layers through the side. Be careful when layering it up too, as messy splashes or uneven layers don’t look the same. 

Simply whip a 250ml carton of double cream with a teaspoon of vanilla essence and a dash of icing sugar until stiff. Crush two digestive biscuits for each person, and put into the bottom of the glasses. Add a layer of whipped cream, then spoon on a layer of ready-made apple compote. Drizzle with a good quality ready-made toffee sauce, and sprinkle each dessert with a little extra crushed biscuit as a finishing touch, and perhaps a fresh mint sprig. Voila!

You’ll find your guests impressed with all of these ideas, and you can get back to counting the calories tomorrow.

Image credit: Semi-freddo, biscotti, trifle

featured post

Chocolate Dinosaur Nests

Jack loves cooking but we don't get chance to do as much as we used to before he was at school. One day last week I got all the ingredients ready for chocolate crispy cakes whilst he was at school, and then as soon as he was home we set about making some Dinosaur Nests. They were supposed to be Easter nests (a little late, I know), but Jack wanted to make dinosaur nests as he'd been learning about dinosaurs at school that day.

 photo dinosaur nests 1_zpsjhuxs3es.jpg

Chocolate Dinosaur Nests - makes 8

200g dark chocolate
50g butter
2 tbsp golden syrup
100g cornflakes
24 mini eggs
  • Melt the chocolate, butter & golden syrup together in a bowl in the microwave (on short bursts) or over a pan of boiling water
  • Stir in the cornflakes and mix until well coated
  • Spoon into muffin cases and make a well in the centre
  • Add 3 mini eggs to each nest & place in the fridge to firm up

 photo dinosaur nests 2_zpscc8wmyt0.jpg  photo dinosaur nests 3_zps7zwuxzxc.jpg  photo dinosaur nests 4_zpspbay2tbn.jpg

A nice simple recipe for any dinosaur lover to make.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Double Decker Chocolate & Banana Fluffernutter Toastie

During my time living in America I don't think I ever heard of a Fluffernutter sandwich, let alone tried one. If I'd discovered them during my first pregnancy I think I would've been hooked for sure as I had a sweet tooth then and craved Golden Syrup crispy cakes, and I couldn't find any Lyle's Golden Syrup for love nor money, and corn syrup didn't quite work as a replacement.

Anyway, if you've never heard of a Fluffernutter sandwich it's marshmallow fluff and peanut butter sandwiched between white bread. It's definitely a bit on the sweet side and not in the least bit healthy, so you wouldn't want to be popping them in the kids lunchboxes or the lunchbox police may have something to say about it. They work great as a quick dessert though, and are even better with an extra slice of bread, Nutella and banana.

 photo fluffer nutter 1_zpsqzwi47tr.jpg

You can either toast the bread or not, but as I'd just received a Breville 'toast to the top' 2 slice toaster to try out I decided to toast the bread.

For each toastie you'll need :

3 slices of bread, toasted
Marshmallow fluff
Peanut butter
1 banana

  • Spread one slice of toast with marshmallow fluff
  • Spread another slice with peanut butter, and sandwich them together
  • Spread Nutella on the top of the sandwich and top with banana slices
  • Place the 3rd piece of toast on top of the banana
 photo fluffer nutter 2_zps30ftvhoc.jpg  photo fluffer nutter 3_zpsjmwjxshv.jpg  photo fluffer nutter 5_zpswtzwywyf.jpg  photo fluffer nutter 4_zpsiplglnvc.jpg
a perfectly toasted piece of toast

 photo fluffer nutter 6_zpspdh5xjop.jpg
kids love them!

 photo toaster _zps2dpbd35r.jpg

The Breville VTT570 is a perfect fit for all Warburtons bread - no white strips at the top of the toast with the slots deep enough for Warburtons Toastie bread. With the high lift facility it's also good for smaller slices, bagels or crumpets - avoiding burnt fingers trying to reach them out! There's also a lift & look facility making it possible to check the progress of your toast without interrupting the cycle - genius!

The toaster comes with either 2 or 4 slots, retailing at £34.99 & £59.99 respectively, from Breville.

I received the toaster for the purpose of this review

Thursday, 16 April 2015

A weekend in the English Riviera

Over the Easter weekend we spent a few days in South Devon, firstly spending a few hours along the seafront in Torquay & Paignton before heading to our caravan near Brixham. 

 photo torquay 1_zps0rgsx0xn.jpg  photo torquay boat_zpsvxmnmyzy.jpg  photo torquay eye_zpspbax9cco.jpg  photo dodgems_zps1zglimtw.jpg

The site we stay on is nothing special but it's a great base for visiting Brixham, Paignton, Torquay and Goodrington. The site is situated a short walk from the Berry Head Peninsula, which can be reached by walking along the southwest coast path, and this is where we headed on Saturday morning, with a stop for breakfast at The Guardhouse Cafe.

There is a wide selection on offer at the cafe, including breakfasts, lunches, afternoon teas, cakes, coffee, beers and wines. The husband and two eldest chose from the sandwich menu, and I chose bacon & egg on toast from the breakfast menu, whilst Jack had a toasted teacake.

 photo DSC_0915_zpsdjokaf04.jpg  photo DSC_0943_zpszbbmcyeo.jpg  photo DSC_0939_zpsylr8khoi.jpg  photo DSC_0936_zpskeamtug4.jpg  photo DSC_0937_zps5h707pyw.jpg  photo DSC_0945_zps4pjupibi.jpg  photo DSC_0935_zpsoehydsj8.jpg

The hearty breakfasts set us up for a windy walk around the peninsula searching for eggs on the Easter Egg Hunt, using the clues on the worksheet (available from the cafe for a donation of £1 per child).

 photo DSC_0923_zpsr2em1hlt.jpg  photo DSC_0948_zpsa6ygy9c5.jpg  photo DSC_0957_zpswdgnitiu.jpg
 photo DSC_0960_zpsk6x5wf6a.jpg

We then headed back down the coast path, past the Berry Head Hotel, Shoalstone outdoor pool and Breakwater Bistro, into Brixham, where the first stop was for an ice cream at The Bay Ice Cream Company, in the Marina.

 photo DSC_0962_zpszh6oc60h.jpg  photo DSC_0963_zpstvmyk9u5.jpg  photo DSC_0966_zps1dswqkcv.jpg  photo DSC_0971_zpsnohpne1v.jpg  photo DSC_0977_zpsfjkxxbpi.jpg

Whenever we've spent a sunny day in Brixham there's always plenty to see and do around the town, my favourite of which is to park up on a bench beside the Golden Hind Museum Ship and people watch, whist the kids eat ice cream or fish & chips from one of the many shops & takeaways around the harbour.

This is one of my favourite Brixham harbour people watching photos, from Easter 2012

 photo easter 2012_zpsgg0nbdjv.jpg

A place that we've been to a few times over the years for lunch is The Bullers Arms, where we've enjoyed fish and chips. This time we were still full from breakfast so decided to pop in just for a drink instead.

 photo DSC_0987_zps9ope5tfe.jpg

We headed back to the caravan site through the town, and called in to the Westcountry Deli on Fore Street to pick up some cheese, crackers and olives before braving the steep hill back up to Berry Head.

 photo DSC_0988_zpsiggr8hvr.jpg

If the weather is good whilst we're in Devon we always go to Goodrington Sands, which is a lovely stretch of sandy beach with car parking at each end and plenty of places for eating and drinking along the way. This time we were there on Easter Sunday, which was a lovely sunny day, and the kids joined in with the Easter Egg Hunt. 20 minutes to dig in the sand for a plastic egg sounded easier than it was, and unfortunately our efforts were fruitless, but plenty of fun was had jumping off the wall, playing football and frisbee.

 photo DSC_1001_zpsd0udqcfc.jpg  photo DSC_1016_zpsde5olad7.jpg  photo DSC_0008_zpspej4z3ej.jpg  photo DSC_0009_zpsrdsfcja4.jpg  photo DSC_0012_zpsa1yyiovv.jpg  photo DSC_0014_zpsrhdcq4s3.jpg


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