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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Marshmallow Cookie Sandwich

I've recently discovered the art of marshmallow making, and it's a lot easier than I thought it would be, as long as you have a decent stand mixer, and use the correct ingredients.

The first batch I made were a little soft, as I didn't use enough gelatine. The next batch didn't even get off the ground as I used vegetarian gelatine. The third batch were just perfect though, so this is the recipe I'll be using in future to make various flavoured marshmallows.

I added some crushed freeze dried strawberries to this batch, and some dried strawberries to the cookies, and sandwiched them together to make cookie sandwiches.

 photo cookie sandwich 1_zpskoicrjaz.jpg

Marshmallows - makes 25/30

8 leaves gelatine
cold water
400g caster sugar
50g golden syrup
1/2 tsp salt
100ml water
tsp vanilla extract
20g freeze dried strawberries, crushed
equal parts cornflour & icing sugar
  • add the gelatine leaves to a bowl and cover with cold water & set aside
  • prepare an 8"x10" baking tin by lightly greasing with a flavourless oil, or cooking spray (I use a silicone baking tin which makes it easy to remove the marshmallows)
  • add the caster sugar, golden syrup, salt, 100ml water & vanilla to a large saucepan
  • gently heat until the sugar has dissolved
  • increase the heat and bring to the boil
  • let the syrup bubble away without stirring, until it reaches 235C on a candy thermometer (soft ball stage)
  • squeeze the liquid from the gelatine leaves and add the leaves to the bowl of a food mixer
  • with the motor running and a balloon whisk attached, pour the syrup onto the gelatine leaves
  • whisk for approx 10 minutes until soft peaks form, and then add the crushed strawberries & whisk to combine
  • pour into your prepared tin and leave for a few hours to set
  • once set, turn out onto a surface dusted with your cornflour/icing sugar
  • using a sharp knife (lightly greased) cut into squares, dusting with the cornflour/icing sugar as you go

Cookies - makes 12 large round cookies

225g caster sugar
60g butter, softened
225g self raising flour
1/2 tsp salt
tsp vanilla extract
1 egg
50g dried strawberries
  • beat the sugar and butter together
  • stir in the flour, salt, vanilla and egg, until well combined
  • stir in the dried strawberries, and mix well
  • if you want large round cookies then divide into 12 and roll dough into balls, then place well spaced apart onto one or two greased & lined baking sheets
  • for square cookies :spread the dough onto a greased & lined baking sheet and flatten out
  • bake in a preheated 180C oven for approx 10-15 minutes until puffed up & golden brown
  • cool the round cookies on a wire rack
  • for square cookies :slice the large cookie into squares and allow to cool for 10 minutes on the baking sheet before cooling on a wire rack

 photo cookie sandwich 2_zpsrn5n1bow.jpg

For added indulgence, add a little strawberry jam onto the cookies, and microwave for 5-8 seconds

 photo cookie sandwich 3_zps2846kmno.jpg  photo cookie sandwich 4_zpspdsivuoq.jpg

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