The Crazy Kitchen: 5 Best gift ideas to surprise your loved ones on friendship day

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Sunday, 1 July 2018

5 Best gift ideas to surprise your loved ones on friendship day

Friends are an important part of everyone’s life and they are the ones who stand by us whatever the situation. You can always rely on your friends to lend an ear and offer advice, without judgement. Friendship is all about supporting and helping each other, but it can be hard to find an honest friend in your life, so if you have one then make sure you keep hold of them and treat them as well as you would like to be treated yourself. Sure, you may have the occasional fall out or disagreement with your best friend, or go long periods without seeing much of them, but a true friend is someone with whom you can pick up right where you left off. You may spend times talking each others heads off, and then there are other times where you sit happily in silence, feeling content that your friend is close by. 

They say that friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

Friendship Day is the day when you can  show your friends just what they mean to you, in a way that's special to you both. Here are the 5 best gift ideas to show your friend how much they really mean to you.

1. Personalised Gifts
Personalised gifts are always a good idea, and shows that you've put thought into choosing your gift.  These 'best friend' gifts show that you know them better than anyone else – whether that's with a personalised beer glass, handmade jewellery or a unique wine tasting experience.

2. Photo Album
Whether you've been friends for one year or twenty years, you're sure to have made lots of memories together. What better way to reminisce with your bestie, than by sharing a glass of wine, poring over a photo album filled with memories of all of the best times that you've shared. Everyone loves to be reminded of the good times, which makes photo albums the perfect special friendship day gifts for friendship day

3. Personalised Cake
Who doesn't love cake. It's a popular dessert for any occasion, including Friendship Day. Whether it's chocolate cake, fruit cake or an iced cake with your friend's favourite cartoon character on, a cake is a guaranteed way to bring a smile to someone's face. With an online cake delivery service you don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home, and if your friend lives far away you can get it delivered straight to them - of course they won't be able to share it with you though!

 4. Accessories
Whether it's a watch, necklace, handbag or wallet, you can always find that special accessory online that your friend will love. If you want to make it extra special and unique you could also have it personalised. Your friend will think of you with a smile whenever they use this favourite accessory or keepsake.

5. Bouquet of Flowers
Last but not least is flowers. Flowers are a lovely way to brighten up somebody's day, and whatever time of the year it is you can always find a colourful bouquet of fresh flowers for that special friend in your life. 

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