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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Adult Only Dream Garden Room

For quite a few years now I've been dreaming of having a garden shed. Not a dusty shed full of spiders, bikes and tools though, my shed would be an extension of my home. It would be somewhere to hide all those purchases that I get tempted to buy but don't have anywhere left in the house for.

It would be somewhere that I could fill with the latest trends, but not have to worry too much about when they are 'so last year'. It would be full of greenery to make it feel like the outdoors all year round.

A garden studio from Tiger Sheds would be my ideal haven, with large windows to let lots of light in for food photography, and plenty of room for a comfy chair or two, a cosy rug, cushions & throws, a few plants, and a secret cocktail cabinet to store my ever increasing collection of champagne and cocktail glasses, as well as a bottle or two of gin and Prosecco. After all there is no point in having an adult only escape if you can't enjoy a few cocktails in peace!

Garden Room

Garden Room by thecrazykitchen 

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This is my entry into the Boo, Roo & Tigger Too competition to design an adult only escape with Tiger Sheds

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