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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Striking a healthy balance with desserts

This blog is about everyday food for the everyday family, and whilst I usually blog about wholesome family meals that won't break the bank we do occasionally eat some not so wholesome meals. Also, I often share recipes on here for sweet treats,  and whilst I usually manage to balance out the sweet treats with something healthy, it's not always that easy, especially with teenagers  - they inhale sweet stuff when the get the chance, like it's their last meal.

Here's a guest post from foodie Sam W about striking a healthy balance with desserts

On the one hand the media are always going on about the danger of having too much sugar in your diet and I’ve even read about some families who have cut out sugar altogether! On the other hand you can’t move for desserts or sweet treats of one kind or another these days. Pop into the supermarket and you’re faced with impulse-buy “snack size” brownies. Stop off for petrol and you’re greeted by the smell of freshly baked pain au chocolate when you go in to pay!


Don’t get me wrong- there are some amazing desserts around in the UK now – those days of humble iced buns and dry old fruit cake are over. But the vast selection is a double-edged sword. It’s great to have such a wide choice, but it’s impossible to resist!

I wouldn’t ever cut out sugar altogether though. I mean, if we’re ever at a restaurant I’m definitely not the kind to stop the kids ordering a pud (a bit of indulgence is good for us), and we particularly love the desserts at Pizza Express. The salted caramel profiteroles and honeycomb cream slice they do there are absolutely incredible!

But for an everyday dinner at home, what I try and do is to keep the sugar levels down a bit. A nice little fruit selection sometimes goes down well, although not always… even if it’s cut up into cute little bite-size pieces! I’ll sometimes drizzle some honey over the apple to add a bit of sweetness and this helps.

Alternatively, a sure-fire hit is something like banana bread. It’s a nice compromise as it feels likes cake (frankly, it definitely still contains sugar) but it does have lots of fruity goodness in it as well. If you’re wondering… my go-to recipe for banana loaf is this one from good old Mary Berry. You can’t beat a classic!

Banana Bread

Now, before I leave you, there’s actually another confession I have to make….

There’s something I do which is a real guilty pleasure… ordering a dessert to be delivered to our door! It feels so lazy but so so good! Anyway, I saw the lovely baker and YouTuber Tanya Burr doing the very same at the end of her vlog the other day so at least I’m in good company! I’ll usually go with Deliveroo as they always have a good selection. One of my faves is frozen yoghurt as this feels ever so slightly less naughty than ice-cream. The worst of it is I sometimes wait till the kids are tucked up in bed! Now that’s what I call striking a balance!

frozen yogurt dessert

Thank you for the guest post Sam. The thought of salted caramel profiteroles, and doughnuts and ice cream delivered to the door is now making my mouth water, and I hope that Deliveroo will start delivering to this sleepy Staffordshire village sometime soon.


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