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Monday, 15 June 2015

Running the Race For Life Pretty Muddy 5K with Brioche Pasquier

On a damp and drizzly morning on Saturday, myself and nine friends (and family members for support) got together bright and early, following a night of heavy rain, to travel to Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire for the Race for Life Pretty Muddy 5K.

After all that rain we knew it was going to be more than a little muddy, and nothing could prepare us for what lay in store for us.

 photo hixon chicks 1_zpsbampod9i.jpg

 photo hixon chicks 2_zpsofkfqqox.jpg

Apparently Trentham is the most difficult Pretty Muddy course and I can understand why, as one of the hills was so steep and lots of runners were finding it necessary to take a break halfway up. We dug deep and ploughed on up to the top though and once there I wished that I'd taken my GoPro with me after all, as the views were amazing.

There were a few obstacles around the course that involved bouncing over inflatables, crawling through tunnels, stepping through tyres and climbing a rope net and back down the other side, which was a step too far for many, but we were so pleased that all of our team managed it, despite feeling sick waiting to climb.

On the [downhill] home stretch we were met with a giant inflatable pool with a few inches of thick mud at the bottom, which we had to crawl through. If we didn't crawl we were prodded by a man with a stick yelling 'get down you filthy ladies', who then threw shovel loads of mud and sprayed water with a hose. It was all good fun, and we soon reached the final obstacle that we'd all been waiting for - the giant inflatable slide with a bath of mud at the end.

All ten of us climbed the rope on one side and slid down together, which felt amazing, especially with our families watching on from the sidelines.
 photo hixon chicks 3_zpson2usu6a.jpg

 photo hixon chicks 4_zpsr0fvjq7e.jpg

Will we do it again? You bet we will, bring it on!!

Many thanks to everyone that has sponsored us, including Brioche Pasquier who also provided us with t-shirts and Brioche 


  1. Wow that looks loads of fun. I've got my tin this weekend but might have to give this a ho next year. Well done xx

  2. that looks like a lot of fun and very messy!! Well done for taking part and for raising money for such a worthy cause x



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