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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Spanish Tapas Al Fresco with Lidl UK

We've been moaning for so long about it being cold and then all of a sudden we seem to have skipped Spring and gone straight into Summer. I've spent some of the day tidying the garden with two of the children, whilst the other one entertained his girlfriend, before we all sat down to a selection of Tapas outdoors in the sunshine.

For one week only, while stocks last, Lidl are hosting their Taste of Iberia week (9th - 15th April) and have a large range of Spanish treats (view the full offers leaflet here). My local store has recently had a complete overhaul so I went along to see how it had changed, and to pick up some Iberian treats for our al fresco dinner. 

Spanish Tapas Al Fresco

There are some great offers, but my favourite one is the Tapas in Clay bowls for £3.49 each. Within the packaging you receive two clay bowls each filled with either meatballs in spicy sauce or mediterranean chicken. I love this offer because of the clay bowls, which I've been looking to get for a while. They are also available to buy in a pack of 4 (minus the tapas) for £5.99, which means that if you buy 2 packs of the Tapas in Clay bowls you only pay an additional 99p for the tapas, which is a bargain in my eyes!

Spanish Tapas Al Fresco Spanish Tapas Al Fresco

On the menu along with the meatballs and chicken we had potato tortilla & chorizo pizza,

Spanish Tapas Al Fresco
Spanish Bacon & Potato Tortilla £1.99 / Chorizo Pizza 99p

Calamares a la Romana,
Spanish Tapas Al Fresco
Squid rings in batter £2.49

Olives & sliced tomatoes,
Spanish Tapas Al Fresco
Large whole Gordal Olives £2.49

Mini Chorizo snack sticks,
Spanish Tapas Al Fresco
CaƱitas mini chorizo snack 99p

Oven baked Patatas Bravas & Chorizo
Spanish Tapas Al Fresco
Patatas Bravas 99p / Fresh Chorizo £2.89 (pack of 8)

Spanish Tapas Al Fresco
Spanish Chrorizo, Cheese & Chilli Crisps 99p

Beer & Wine.
Spanish Tapas Al Fresco
San Miguel £6.99 (12 x 274ml) / Castillo de Alcoy Reserva £4.99

followed by a dessert platter
Spanish Tapas Al Fresco

Rosegones Almond Biscuits 99p
Spanish Tapas Al Fresco

Ensaimadas sweet pastry swirls £1.29
Spanish Tapas Al Fresco

Churros 99p (& Chocolate Sauce)
Spanish Tapas Al Fresco

There's also a selection of bowls for serving your tapas - two types are shown above with chocolate sauce and patatas bravas in, and are priced at £5.99 per pack or 2 packs for £10.

 photo jack tapas_zpsjlrs0efn.jpg

The only thing I was a bit disappointed with was the churros, which is probably my fault for not reading the cooking instructions before buying, as they needed to be deep fried and I don't have a deep fat fryer, so I shallow fried and then baked in the oven, resulting in a bit of a crispy churro.

Everything else was delicious, and well received by everyone, including the girlfriend who told her mum how nice it was when she came to collect her later.

This post has been commissioned by Lidl Uk


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