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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Better with BRITA - Hydration Challenge #BetterwithBRITA

As water makes up around two thirds of a healthy body, it's important to stay hydrated. We lose water every day through breathing, sweating and urinating, so it's important to replace that lost fluid to ensure that nutrients are carried around our body. Staying hydrated can also help avoid fatigue and concentration loss, as well as affecting our mood. If you're trying (like me) to lose weight then drinking plenty of water throughout the day can also help by fooling your stomach into thinking it's fuller, and therefore eating less. My husband also swears that drinking lots of water helps melt away fat  - he's always guzzling back the water and has lost around 1.5 - 2 stone over the past couple of years, without even trying!

BRITA have challenged me to hydrate my body as part of their #betterwithBRITA campaign, and rather than going it alone, I've roped in a few fellow bloggers to do the challenge with me & I will be sharing their results later on in my post.

Over the past couple of weeks or so I've been drinking 2 litres of water each day, and to make it easier to remember I'm made myself a counter on my bottle - well, I say 'made' but what I really mean is that I've slipped 5 elastic bands over an empty 500ml bottle, which I fill up from my BRITA filter jug.

Better with BRITA - Hydration Challenge Better with BRITA - Hydration Challenge

The idea is that I start the day off with 4 yellow bands at the top, and by the end of the day they will all be at the bottom. Each time I finish a bottle I slip a yellow band over the blue, and once all 4 have moved over I know that I've consumed 2 litres of water.

I'm not a sipper, I'm a guzzler, so I like to down my bottle before I eat a meal, which also helps fill me up, in the hope that I won't want to eat as much!

I'm averaging a 1-2 lb weight loss per week at the moment but as I'm also eating more regular meals at the moment I'm unable to credit that weight loss 100% to the  extra water drinking, although I'm sure that it's helping.

I now find that my body is telling me that I need to drink water, and if I haven't had any by lunchtime I have a fogginess in my head that is soon lifted once I'm hydrated.

How about joining me - grab a bottle and some bands and get hydrating!

Here's what my blogging friends had to say at the end of their 2 week hydration challenge :

For the first couple of days, drinking the full 2 litres of water was a real challenge, but it became much easier very quickly. After 2 weeks I feel it had made a huge difference to how I feel - much more energy, less stomach bloating, fewer hunger cravings throughout the day. It has inspired me to make other improvements to my lifestyle in an attempt to become healthier and happier.

As someone who usually drinks 3, maybe 4 glasses of drink in a day going up to 8 glasses wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.  Within just a few days my skin felt better, I had no dull headaches mid afternoon from being dehydrated and I had more energy.  On the days that I didn't manage to drink 8 glasses I certainly felt the difference, feeling lethargic and grumpy.

I found the challenge hard at first as I was in a rush to drink the whole 2 litres very quickly, which meant many trips to the toilet and I found I was going to the poo more regularly each day. I have lost weight and with the help of a phone  app, I plan to make it part of my daily routine.

I've upped water intake before and found it beneficial. It always lessens my (too large) appetite and makes my skin look better but this time it has also resulted in my nails looking healthier and the white marks disappearing. I need to remember to make this a habit for life!

We are all loving the hydration challenge in the office - we are reminding each other to drink more and, laughing as we form an orderly queue for the loo!
It feels good to be doing something as a team, that we know is good for not just our work brains, but our bodies and skin as well. I shudder to think of how little water we were drinking before we did this challenge

I have never drunk much water before and although I struggled a bit to begin with, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely carry on. I have found lots of benefits of drinking more. My skin and hair feel better and the soles of my feet are soft which is amazing. I have also lost a couple of pounds as I have found that by drinking more during the day, I'm not snacking so much as I don't feel hungry.

I have found on office days I have no problem drinking 2 litres but at weekend I am useless! I haven't lost any weight whilst doing the challenge but I've noticed that on days when I do drink the full amount I sleep so much better!

this has been really positive. I've found the hydration challenge really beneficial with sticking to weight loss plans. Instead of snacking I have a small cup of water each time I find myself in the kitchen. I think I was mistaking thirst for hunger. I really notice now when I am thirsty, the challenge has retrained my body and brain.

I love the hydration challenge. It makes me feel good about myself as I am doing something positive and I can see I lose weight and looking less bloated, feeling less sluggish and a clearer skin too. It is a challenge I find much easier to do when it is warmer so I've had to keep a pint glass of fresh water with me at all times.

It’s been great really. As i’ve been tracking my water intake using a mobile app I aim to drink almost 3l of water everyday. I lost more weight than the previous weeks when i didn’t drink as much, my skin looks better and when I pinch my hand skin is not as tight anymore. I also feel like I have more energy which is really one of the things I wanted to achieve. These last couple of weeks will now become the usual. 

Will you take the challenge? Please let me know how you get along.

I am being compensated to work with BRITA on their Better with BRITA campaign


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