The Crazy Kitchen: 5 Appliances for a Streamlined Kitchen

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Monday, 16 February 2015

5 Appliances for a Streamlined Kitchen

The kitchen is often regarded as the heart of the home and can make or break the sale of a property. Similarly, it can add thousands of pounds onto the value of a home if tastefully and practically designed in the eyes of the purchaser. While most kitchen installations will structurally last 10 years or more, appliances may only last up to 5 years.

If you opt for integrated and built in appliances there's no need to change the look of your kitchen when it's time for a new appliance.

5 Appliances for a Streamlined Kitchen

Perhaps one of the most important features in a kitchen, after all, it's probably the reason that most of us have a kitchen (unless you eat take aways daily). A built in oven at eye level is perhaps the most convenient type you will find, with no bending down to check on the progress of your cake, or lifting out a weighty casserole.

Gas Hob
Once you have your built in oven you're free to position your hob wherever is most convenient for you. Many people have them fitted into a central island, which means that you can join in conversations with your guests rather than have your back to them, facing a wall, whilst cooking. Many of the gas hobs from Amica, with their angled control panels and ergonomically designed control knobs, guarantee comfort and ease of use, as well as being stylish.

Many of us probably haven't even considered a built in microwave, but if workspace is tight then it may be worth integrating the microwave into a wall cabinet to free up valuable space.

Whilst the oven is possibly one of the most important features in a kitchen, the dishwasher is possibly the most convenient. Many kitchens now have a dishwasher, if there's room, and by having an integrated machine it can blend in with the rest of the kitchen and not be blatantly obvious that you're too lazy to do the dishes!

Avoid having a big white box in the middle of your kitchen by hiding one of the largest of kitchen appliances behind matching cabinet doors. Built in fridges come in all sizes and aren't usually as deep as freestanding, meaning that they won't protrude from under your worktop, and as a result your kitchen is more streamlined.

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