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Thursday, 1 January 2015

6 Health Benefits of Green Tea

We Brits really love our tea, especially good old English Breakfast. In fact, a whopping 165 million cups are drunk every day in the UK alone, according to this infographic. It has lots of health benefits as well as just generally making us feel good, but there is another tea out there that trumps this in terms of health benefits by a mile.
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That is of course green tea. Here are 6 of the main health benefits it provides its drinkers, hopefully persuading you to swap one cup from your normal tea to this one!

1. It speeds up your metabolism
Scientists have identified 6 catechins in green tea; 1 of them being epigallocatechingallate (EGCG). EGCG found in green tea increases the metabolic rate of the human body, which means that it intensifies levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns food into calories, which in turn aids weight loss. It also helps to reduce body fat and bloating, and can be a great way to curb those hunger cravings.

2. It helps to reduce cholesterol
Green tea contains tannins that are known to lower cholesterol in the body which is great as a high cholesterol level can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes, strokes and heart conditions. Of course, you’ll need to maintain a healthy diet alongside drinking green tea to keep your cholesterol down, too.

3. It aids your immune system
Green tea has anti-oxidants along with polyphenols and flavonoids that help to boost the immune system of the human body; therefore making you healthier by helping you fight against infections more efficiently. It also contains high levels of vitamin C which is great for helping you get back on your feet quicker if you do become ill with a cold or flu, for example.

4. It helps to combat stress
As well as the anti-oxidants in green tea, it also contains a compound called theanine which is an amino acid that helps in relieving stress and anxiety. The low levels of caffeine in green tea compared to normal tea (or coffee) have also been proven to lower the levels of stress and anxiety in frequent green tea drinkers.

5. It aids healthy hair and nails
Green tea is known to inhibit the growth of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is known to prevent hair growth and cause hair fall. It also contains high levels of vitamin C and E which are great for shiny hair and strong nails, too. Here are some suggestions on what to eat for healthy hair, too!

6. It helps to manage your blood pressure
Caffeine should generally be avoided for those who suffer greatly with a high blood pressure, though the levels of caffeine in green tea are so low that it certainly is a good alternative to regular tea, and you can even buy caffeine free alternatives. Green tea is good for the heart which is therefore in turn good for high blood pressure.


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