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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Family Time with IKEA

When I was growing up I always remember having mealtimes together as a family, sitting around the dining table. When I visit my parents now I still feel the urge to sit in 'my place' at the table (back to the wall, in between my Mum (nearest the kitchen) & my brother). Sunday nights were a really special time though, as we didn't sit at the dining table and instead the pouffe was pulled out ready for the tray laden with buttered crumpets, English muffins, salt & vinegar chipsticks and a pot of tea and iced fondant fancies from M&S, whilst watching 'That's Life'.

We sometimes do the same now, but probably not as often as we should, as life, friends, homework & sport sometimes get in the way of us all eating at the same time. We should make more of an effort though really, as when we do all sit around the coffee table eating a pizza on a Saturday night or crumpets on a Sunday it gets everyone chatting and laughing together.

We spent our Sunday teatime this week watching Saturday night's episode of the X Factor whilst eating a selection of treats provided by IKEA.

Family Time with IKEA

We ate crispbreads with cream cheese, ham, cheese, apple slices, grapes, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, buttered crumpets, crisps, cinnamon swirls and chocolate muffins. The muffins were topped with a chocolate and butterscotch icing, which was made by beating IKEA's delicious chocolate spread with butterscotch pieces and cream cheese together. The freshly baked chocolate muffins were made using a unique idea - a carton of muffin mix to which cold water is added, shaken and then poured into muffin cases - just genius!

Family Time with IKEA Family Time with IKEA Family Time with IKEA Family Time with IKEA  photo IKEA6_zps7a96f752.jpg

We enjoyed lots of laughs, particularly when the kids tried to throw grapes into Dad's mouth!

Family Time with IKEA

How do you make your mealtimes special?

Thanks to IKEA for providing treats for our family time


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