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Monday, 29 September 2014

You know You're a Food Blogger When....

It occurred to me at the weekend, whilst grating a butternut squash at 8 o'clock on Sunday morning, that there are certain things that happen in my life that perhaps wouldn't, if I wasn't a food blogger..
  • You're up at 7.30 on a Sunday morning making chocolate mousse in your pyjamas
  • Your kids are eating rum laced chocolate mousse for breakfast
  • Your family gets the choice of chocolate mousse pears, apple custard tarts or 5 layer Pumpkin cake for pudding on a weekday.
  • Your dishwasher is on 3 times a day
  • Your husband knows what he's having for dinner that night as he's seen it on your blog 
  • Your husband comes in from work and wants to know where the cake is that he's seen on your blog 
  • Diet days revolve around baking days (more baking days than diet days at the moment)
  • There's never a shortage of storecupboard items to fill up the harvest basket

  • sprinkle snacks
I decided to ask a few fellow food bloggers how they know they're a food blogger too, and here are some of their responses (lots of them revolving around families and photographs) :

Andrea : you plan your families meals around what will look pretty on a plate!

Sarah : your sitting room looks like Del Boy's flat with boxes of kitchen gadgets that won't fit in your kitchen.

Elizabeth : your kids randomly open the fridge, whilst dressed as spiderman, and take photos.

 photo 10658630_10152358367300998_8588004259249490261_o_zpsde345f2d.jpg

Sian the whole family knows to check if photos have been taken before eating anything.

Nazima : your kids start photographing food with their cameras as well....

 photo 10703612_10152415579392297_379198338540583828_n_zps490908a2.jpg

Sally : Your friends and family don't blink an eye when you hop on a chair to take an overhead shot of the food with your iphone

Jennyyour family can't eat a meal before it's been styled and photographed

Emily : there are offcuts of foam core and rolls of wallpaper samples balanced against every wall in the house.

Jen : the doorbell goes and your OH looks at you with a sigh and says what are you getting now?

Jo : you  have 36 million jars of chutneys/jams etc that you have no idea what to do with. You don't want to throw them away so they just sit around cluttering up your kitchen. You have so many you could build a fort with them!

Kavita : there is a narrow path between living room, through dining room and into kitchen, which winds between towering piles of cookery books, product samples and kitchen equipment... and the postman has just rung the doorbell to deliver more.

Katie : When you have more photos of food than your own offspring on your iPhone... 

Helen : you find yourself ironing sheets of greaseproof paper

Sarah : when you spend 20 minutes trying to get the perfect dribble of cream (for that spontaneously messy look) down the side of a jug...

Helene : you are addicted to trying out new recipes and flavour combinations and as a result your family never knows what to expect for dinner 

Camilla : you can't actually fit any more hampers in your garage!

Have you got any to add?


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