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Friday, 18 July 2014

What to do and see around Hampton Court

Are you thinking of visiting Hampton Court? Here are some of the exciting things you can see and do there.

Visit Hampton Court Palace

Although Hampton Court Palace is still a royal palace, the last time the royal family lived there was back in the 18th century. It is one of the must see places in London and worth setting aside some time for.

The palace was the favourite residence of Henry VIII and there is an exciting display where you can enjoy the sounds and the sights of the court and explore the splendid grandeur of the state rooms. The Great Hall is breathtaking and has been witness to many important historic events. Its walls are hung with some of the best tapestries of Henry VIII. Creep There is also a haunted gallery which leads to the Baroque Palace which features the Stuart and Georgian era.

Other important things to see there are a reproduction of Henry VIII’s Crown; the 450 year old Chapel Royal where you can still attend religious services; the largest Tudor kitchens in England; and the Chocolate Kitchens which date back to the 18th century when Thomas Tosier was King George Ist personal chocolatier, There are also some wonderful gardens to visit.

The Great Vine

You will find the Great Vine in Hampton Court gardens, and it shouldn’t be missed. It is believed to be the world’s largest grape vine and it was planted in 1769, making it 245 years old.  The circumference of the base is around four metres and the largest branch is around 40 metres long.

The vine fills a greenhouse and it has produced crops of black desert grapes as high as 383 kilograms. If you happen to be visiting the first three weeks in September, then  you will find these delicious grapes are on sale.

 photo great-vine-gill-314x205_zps9bdb74ad.jpg

Get lost in Hampton Court Maze

Although not quite as important as it was back in the eighteenth century, Hampton Court Maze is still worthy of a visit. It has been described as the most important maze in the world, however it is certainly the most famous one.

Getting lost in the maze is quite simple, especially if you take the advice of Harris in Jerome K. Jerome’s novel “Three Men in a Boat”. His advice was to simply keep on taking the first turning on the right. It doesn’t work as the maze design is multicursal, which means that there are many choices of which path and direction to take. Keep turning right at every possible opportunity and you will be in there for a very long time indeed.

 photo HCP-maze5_zps3668265c.jpg

Hampton Court Flower Show

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Hampton Court Flower Show takes place between the 8th and 13th July 2014. This is the largest flower show in the world and includes an abundance of show gardens, floral pavilions and marquees, along with a packed programme of talks and demonstrations. The show is differentiated from the Chelsea Flower Show by its focus on growing your own produce and on environmental concerns.

 photo HCP-gardens34Photo-Sam-Styl_zps38712442.jpg

Some special highlights of this year’s show include the Ocean Spray Garden which combines water features with growing cranberries;  the 50 Years of Bloom feature which features horticulture, the environment, and community; the Invisible Garden that features various fungi, insects and other invertebrates and plants that you can observe through a microscope.

You can make a weekend of it too with hotels and ticket packages to make sure you can take it all in and enjoy the local area and river too.

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