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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Spice Kits from Spicentice

The whole family loves a curry, so I try and make one once every couple of weeks if possible. The easiest way to make one is to use a jar of sauce, but unfortunately they are often full of a list of ingredients longer than your arm, and many of them not something that I want to eat whilst paleo-ing. I have occasionally made them completely from scratch, but it can be a timely affair.

I was sent a couple of spice kits from Spicentice, a family business selling spice kits to enable you to make authentic curries in the comfort of your own home. 

 photo spicenticejpg_zpsf5919fc6.jpg

I decided to make the Malaysian Rendang Curry, and made sure I had all the necessary ingredients listed on the back of the pack, including chicken, limes, onion and coconut milk*.

The dish was extremely easy to prepare, although it does require the use of a blender or food processor to make the paste, and I managed to serve up a very authentic looking and tasting curry in around 30 minutes.

 photo spicentice2jpg_zps6c92a0e0.jpg  photo spicentice3jpg_zps966d94e7.jpg

* Coconut milk was provided by the

I was provided with the spice kits from spicentice for the purpose of this review


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