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Friday, 9 May 2014

Kenco Millicano Sunlight Blend

I love a coffee in the morning, and if it's not a cappuccino from my Tassimo I have a Kenco Millicano instant coffee.

Kenco now have a new blend of wholebean instant, Kenco Millicano Sunlight Blend.

Kenco Millicano Sunlight Blend

Sometimes this is all I need for breakfast, a strong coffee made with hot milk - sometimes regular cows milk, other times Almond or Coconut milk. Sometimes I enjoy it with a banana and a handful of nuts, and then there are times when I have it with my new favourite Paleo breakfast - bacon wrap.

Paleo Breakfast

My bacon wrap is nothing more than a thin 2 egg omelette rolled up with crispy bacon inside - sometimes I add leaves of Rocket to bulk it out a little, either way it's absolutely delicious!

Kenco Millicano Sunlight Blend is a fresh new version of their hugely popular wholebean instant coffee, launched just in time for spring. Medium roasted for a vibrant aroma, it gently awakens your senses so that you can enjoy the great taste all day long. 
Kenco Millicano Sunlight Blend contains finely-milled wholebeans giving coffee lovers the taste and aroma reminiscent of roast and ground coffee in an instant. Whether at work or home, it only takes a few minutes to brighten the day with this uplifting new blend. 
Emily Woodward-Smith, Brand Manager for Kenco commented: “We have taken Kenco Millicano, which we know many people already love, and created a completely new, even brighter variant. Kenco Millicano Sunlight Blend means coffee drinkers can enjoy a bright, well-rounded coffee experience throughout the day- morning, noon or night!” 
New Kenco Millicano Sunlight Blend has all the great quality you would expect from Kenco Millicano but with a brighter flavour and an uplifting aroma- it’s guaranteed to perk up your day! Available in all supermarkets from mid-March, RRP £4.39 for 95g and refill £3.25 for 80g.

I was provided with some Kenco Millicano Sunlight Blend free of charge


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