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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Italian Food Delivered to your door

We all love Italian food in The Crazy Kitchen - pizza, pasta, mozzarella, olives (4 out of 5 of us) and Italian breads. There is also Buratta, similar to mozzarella but creamier, and more like a dessert than a cheese, however they don't seem to sell it around these parts, unless I want to make a 30 mile roundtrip on the off-chance that Waitrose has it in stock.

This weekend we enjoyed a variety of authentic Italian foods without having to leave our front door when Nife is Life made a delivery....

 photo nifeislifejpg_zpsebc1754e.jpg

We received a good selection of fresh fruits, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, flour, yeast, breadsticks, crackers, mozzarella, buratta, olives, pancetta, sun dried tomatoes and grilled artichokes.

I made a pizza dough with the 00 flour and it handled like no other dough I've made before. It was so soft and stretchy and made a beautifully thin and crispy pizza base, which I topped with a home made tomato sauce (made from roasted cherry tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and basil), mozzarella, tomatoes and pancetta.

 photo italianpizza3jpg_zps5bd455f9.jpg

The pizza was accompanied by appetisers of grilled artichoke, sun dried tomatoes, olives and crackers.

 photo olivestomatoesjpg_zps5d627e73.jpg
 photo italianpizza1jpg_zps181b41fd.jpg

We had a salad of fruits for dessert - apple, pear, kiwi and sicilian oranges - all perfectly ripe and sweet.

 photo italianfruitjpg_zps9765d304.jpg

Not forgetting the Buratta which myself and Hanna enjoyed drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice and sprinkled with thyme and accompanied by some slices of Sicilian orange.

 photo italianburattajpg_zps8c4c35b8.jpg  photo italianburatta2jpg_zps5ce61755.jpg

The delivery that I received cost under £50, however if you order over £60 you will receive free delivery.

If you're looking for authentically Italian foods with the convenience of home delivery then I would thoroughly recommend Nife is Life, which would be perfect for an Italian themed dinner party.

I received the foods shown above for the purpose of this review.


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