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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Warburtons Magic Pancakes

With Pancake Day next week Warburtons are getting a little excited about their new pancakes available in plain, cookie and chocolate chip varieties.

Over on their Facebook page they have a competition where you can win £1000 of supermarket vouchers, just by topping your pancake, taking a pic and posting it on their page.

Ahead of pancake day we were lucky enough to be sent a Magic Pancake Kit containing a variety of topping combinations to try out. There were a few suggested toppings listed on the box...

 photo warburtonspancakeboxjpg_zps8e8473f9.jpg

Unfortunately for us though, we were away when the delivery was made so our box spent 5 days sitting under a bench in our garden so we avoided the fresh toppings to be on the safe side.

Instead we opted for 'the bigger the better' and stacked the pancakes up, layered with granola, cinnamon, coconut and melted chocolate, with a blob of Rodda's clotted cream and some Maple syrup on the top for good measure...

 photo warburtonspancakestackjpg_zpsdbd29580.jpg

I received the pancake kit for the purpose of this review


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