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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wednesday Wishlist - NEXT Kitchen Wishlist

Wednesday Wishlist is back on Mummy Alarm & surprise surprise I've picked items for my kitchen. Before Christmas I was looking into getting a new fitted kitchen but after getting a quote from a company that I thought was going to be one of the cheaper ones I was shocked at the price they came back with. Not only was it very pricey for what I wanted I also didn't like the design that they had come up with - it just wasn't wowing me. I've decided instead that the way forward is to have a good clearout, paint the walls and get some new door handles (the current ones keep falling off) and accessories.

I had a quick look in Next on New Years Eve when we paid a flying visit to Solihull to get my Macbook fixed, and picked up a new set of mugs. I could've spent a lot more but decided to wait until I've sorted the kitchen out - her are a few of my favourite picks (including my stacking mugs)...

NEXT KItchen Wishlist


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