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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Kids Only Cookbook {review}

The Kids Only Cookbook, is exactly that, a cookbook only for kids. It's packed full of recipes for kids, made by kids, with easy to follow step by step photographs and captions to allow children to cook the recipes for themselves, with little of no assistance from adults.

 photo flowerpotbread1_zps515d387d.jpg

Written by food writer Sue Quinn, with help from her two children, the cookbook contains over 50 recipes including Rocky Road, Guacamole, pizza, chips, baked potatoes, cupcakes and lots more - great for getting children into the kitchen and learning all the basics.

We were sent equipment to enable us to make Flowerpot Bread, and at the weekend I set the boys to work whilst their sister was at a swimming gala.

 photo flowerpotbread2_zps71cc5a13.jpg

They worked together rubbing the butter into the flour.

 photo flowerpotbread3_zps82fd93e2.jpg

Adding the milk, and mixing together.

 photo flowerpotbread4_zpsd55cf4c8.jpg

They formed a dough and popped it into the flowerpots ready for baking.

 photo flowerpotbread5_zpsa0cd40ef.jpg

30 minutes later we had two lovely loaves.

 photo flowerpotbread6_zpsa67907c4.jpg


 photo flowerpotbread7_zps0def7f58.jpg

They were more like huge scones than bread, but very nice all the same.

This is a great book either for kids that already enjoy cooking or for those that would like to start. It's not a cookbook full of stylish photos, it's real - you can see the children making all of the dishes step by step, with more than 10 photos for each recipe.

Watch this video to see how much fun can be had by making tin can ice cream, just brilliant!

  We received a cookbook and hamper of goodies to enable us to make flowerpot bread. I was not asked to blog about this but chose to do so as I think it's a brilliant book!


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