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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Just another day in The Crazy Kitchen....

This blog post is my entry into the Tots100/Part Select ’Love Your Appliance’ competition

One appliance I definitely could not, without a doubt, live without is my washing machine. If anything else went wrong I'm sure I could cope, but the washing machine? nah. Yes, I love my Tassimo, my Kitchen Aid and my tumble drier but in reality I could do without them for longer than my washing machine.

 photo washingmachine_zps30c0a556.jpg

The washing basket is rarely empty long in this house, but I also have to say that it is rarely full for long either. Due to a temperamental machine that likes to spew grey sludge over the clothes if it is overfilled, at too high a temperature or on an ultra fast spin, I tend to do daily, small loads on a low temperature fast wash.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was carrying out my washing machine maintenance of cleaning the dispenser drawer. I usually just give it a quick wash and pop it back in but this time I decided to give it a good soak in bleach instead of putting on another load ...

Later in the day I rinsed off the dispenser drawer, dried it and put it back in the machine but I was aware of a slight hissing sound coming from around the sink/washing machine area. It was intermittent and I couldn't decide if it was something to do with the electricity so to be safe I switched the power off to the washing machine.

When the husband came home I asked him if he could hear it, unfortunately he not only suffers from selective hearing but also can't hear particularly high pitched sounds. I was getting annoyed that he couldn't hear it and was convinced that it was coming from behind the washing machine so I started to pull it out. At that moment I realised that the hissing was the same sound that you hear from a leaking garden hose and quickly ran upstairs to grab towels from the airing cupboard (from that huge pile that you dare not throw away in case of moments like this).

We then pulled the washing machine away from the wall and as we did the inlet pipe snapped away from the back of the machine spraying water fiercely at the wall. All the time Jack was stood by watching and the moments that followed could have been from an episode of Frank Spencer....

The washing up bowl was quickly placed at the end of the hose, filling rapidly, the husband was rummaging around for the stop cock.....the full bowl was then swiped away quickly to empty, only it wouldn't fit through the gap between the washing machine and worktop without being tipped up and the washing machine wouldn't move as the waste pipe was too short...

cue me screaming "get a bucket, turn the water off, quick, DO SOMETHING"

cue more rummaging from husband
cue Jack running backwards & forwards and around and around in an attempt to look for a bucket
cue bright idea from husband that he would put the hose straight into the sink - why didn't I think of that you may wonder....I'll tell you why I didn't think of it was because I didn't need to think to know that THE HOSE WAS TOO DAMN SHORT TO GO INTO THE SINK
cue husband grabbing the short hose and inadvertently pointing it in the direction of me & Jack
cue more screaming from me (and possibly an expletive)
cue screaming from Jack as he is knocked to the floor by the force of the water, and more screaming as he tries to get up and slips over
cue more rummaging from the husband .....and then the flow of water stops "I couldn't remember where the tap was in all that panic", as myself and Jack stand there dripping in water.
This appliance gets my seal of approval!


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