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Monday, 28 October 2013

The Recipe Kit {review}

The Recipe Kit provide an alternative to eating out and provide all the ingredients that you need to cook globally inspired meals at home.

In brief:

  • With 9 recipes each week (including 4 vegetarian options) there are plenty of options to choose. 
  • Each recipe takes, on average, 35 minutes to cook and include step by step recipe cards.
  • Each recipe feeds 2 people
  • Deliveries are made on a Wednesday evening for those in London and on a Thursday for everywhere else. 
  • It is recommended that ingredients are used within 3-5 days to ensure that they are used at their best but meat can be frozen if necessary.
  • Ingredients arrive in a cardboard box with meat and dairy in an insulated pack with ice packs
 photo recipekitbox_zpsf093082a.jpg

The meals :

Brioche hotdogs with jalapeno salad

 photo recipekithotdogs_zps5e4c220a.jpg 

  • The portions for this were very generous, with 4 large sausages and 4 large brioche buns.
  • Cooking time was 45 minutes
  • Easily fed a family of 5, with a side portion of home-made oven baked fries
  • Very tasty side salad and onions and juicy sausages
  • The brioche buns were disappointingly flat and dry and not something that could easily hold a sausage as they split into 2 and crumbled
  • Ketchup not included despite being pictured on the recipe card

Ras el hanout lamb & herby freekeh

 photo recipekitlamb_zps385e7b0e.jpg

  • Again the portions were generous with 2 lean and juicy lamb steaks
  • Cooking time was 30 minutes
  • Very tasty and unusual ingredients including Freekah and preserved lemon
  • I omitted the pomegranate seeds from the Freekah as I really don't like them
  • The coriander was very muddy and I would've expected that to have been ready for use
  • The dish could have done with some kind of vegetable side

Sweet potato, spinach, feta and pine nut filo pie and salad

 photo recipekitpie_zpsbe4e068f.jpg

  • The ingredients made a very large pie which was more than enough for 2 people
  • Cooking time 40 minutes
  • Disappointingly the rocket was a slimy wet mess despite it being used on the 3rd day after delivery (see pic below) but luckily I had some rocket in the fridge (which was a week old but still fresh)
  • Despite the ingredients supposedly being in the correct portion for the recipe I did find that the bags had more cinnamon and allspice than the recipe called for, there was also a lot more than the required 6 sheets of filo, but used it all anyway.
  • There seemed too much spinach for the pie so I left some of it out and removed the large stalks from the spinach that was used - I would have expected these to have been removed or baby spinach might have been a better idea.
  • The pie was really delicious and our favourite of the 3 meals

 photo recipekitrocket_zpsbfcdb902.jpg
slimy Rocket

All in all the recipes were very nice and well thought out but I would be disappointed at the quality of some of the ingredients had I bought this myself . These kind of kits are a great idea if you are busy and don't have the time to shop for specialist ingredients, however the might not allow for a change in plans as some of the ingredients may be past their best after an extra day.

**AMENDMENT : since writing this review The Recipe Kit have been in touch to assure me that all points noted in my review have been addressed with product suppliers.

I was sent 3 meals from The Recipe Kit for the purpose of this review


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