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Friday, 2 August 2013

Our Holiday in Pictures

During our recent holiday I was trying to get to grips with the manual setting on my camera. I've been using it off auto for some time but only on the aperture or shutter speed settings, trying to get used to what each does before moving onto the next.

I took a hell of a lot of photos and I am far from mastering it completely but I do now know how the ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings work with each other. It's sometimes hard to see how well your photos have turned out when playing them back out in the bright sunshine so I try and take a few adjusting the settings each time in the hope that back on the laptop I will get at least one good shot. I've found beach shots the most difficult, lots have been a bit over exposed - tips gratefully received!

Here are a few of the many, many photos taken which show what an amazing time we had in Scotland.

 photo holiday5_zps6f95a065.jpg  photo Holiday1_zps2862fcf7.jpg
 photo holiday2_zps418dd0aa.jpg photo holiday3_zps0d2d6285.jpg photo holiday4_zpsc535443a.jpg
 photo kidskayaking_zps816b6a6c.jpg
 photo holiday7_zpse6d850a1.jpg  photo holiday8_zpsd82bbcef.jpg  photo holiday9_zpsb79eb0bc.jpg photo holiday6_zps7acdbbf1.jpg
 photo holiday10_zps412407f7.jpg
 photo holiday11_zps6b6971c2.jpg  photo holiday12_zps1f7407be.jpg
 photo holiday13_zps8cfbe976.jpg


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