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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Make your own Shell Mobiles

Every time we go on a seaside holiday we collect shells and pebbles. Most of them are played with in the garden although I do have a few of the nicer shells in a bowl on the kitchen windowsill. 

Follow the last holiday I thought we could do something a little bit crafty with them and decided to make a wind chime / mobile for the garden.

shell mobiles

You will need :

Assorted shells
Drill & small drill bit ( I used a 1.5mm drill bit)
Fishing line

  • Carefully drill holes through the shells and along the driftwood where you want to hang the lengths of shells from
  • Cut lengths on fishing line and knot a bead to the end
  • Thread beads & shells onto the line, securing them by winding the line through the bead 2 or 3 times and threading a shell on top
  • Repeat until you have enough on each line
  • Thread the end of the line through the driftwood and tie a knot to secure
  • Tie an extra piece of line through the centre of the driftwood for hanging - I tied a keyring to the end

shell mobiles shell mobiles

After watching myself and Jack making this one for the garden Hanna wanted to make one for her bedroom. This time I glued 2 pieces of driftwood into a cross and Hanna threaded beads and shells onto 4 lengths of fishing line

shell mobiles
shell mobiles

Very simple but very effective, and best of all - very nearly free!


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