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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

One Mighty Week

What happens when you throw together 3 kids of varying ages, a pop up tent, a couple of sleeping bags and some marshmallows?

A lot of fun and giggling that's what.

Persil wants kids to be brave and mighty, face new challenges and be given the freedom to discover and have adventures for themselves. Our 'mighty night' with the tent didn't quite go as I expected, but left to their own devices these three can make some great entertainment.

First of all they put the tent up, dragged the sleeping bags inside and ate marshmallows, which was all an adventure in itself, especially for Jack who has never been in a tent before.

 photo OnemightyNight_zpsc3fecc0a.jpg

Then, once the adults had retired inside, away from the mosquitos and other biting creatures, this happened next, and went on for quite a while (don't try this at home!)

I think zorbing will be next!

Another mighty achievement for the kids this week has been trying out Kayaking for the first time...

 photo kidskayaking_zps816b6a6c.jpg

Unfortunately I never got any of the fun stuff from Persil, and instead received a bottle of their Small & Mighty Bio liquid. I do love a gimmick and the flexible plastic liquid dispenser isn't on the top of the bottle and is instead inserted through a hole in the bottle and has a rough side for massaging the liquid into tough stains, genius.

 photo PERSIL_zps368dde27.jpg

I often try cheaper own brand washing liquid but after doing my first wash I remembered why I always go back to Persil - the smell. I do love a fresh scent on my laundry and one that sticks around after the drying, and lots of cheaper brands don't unfortunately. Persil definitely lives up to the Mighty name and I'm pleased to inform that even after washing everything at 40 degrees my smalls are smelling mighty.

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