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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hello Fresh {review}

We don't do ready meals in this house. You may occasionally find the odd one lurking in the freezer and it would usually be a special offer Weight Watchers meal that I've picked up whilst shopping on an empty stomach, but it's a rare sight to see. I could almost every night & always from scratch (even if it is only pasta, beans & cheese!), so a delivery from Hello Fresh was a very welcome sight.

The Hello Fresh chefs create different meals every week and send you all the ingredients you need to make delicious meals along with simple step by step recipe cards. The boxes are delivered to your door free of charge on a Tuesday or Thursday, well packaged with insulation and ice packs (which were still partly frozen upon delivery which is no mean feat in this heat!)

The box we received had everything I needed to make the following meals for two :

  • Hail Caesar Salad with Roasted Lime & Herb Chicken
  • Genki Yakitori with Crispy red Onions and Sweet & Sour Noodles
  • Double Guilt-Free Fish & Chips with a side order of Nostalgia

 photo HelloFreshingredients_zps2fc356f2.jpg

On a hot Friday evening in a moment of madness I decided that I would cook all 3 recipes and we would share them all between the 5 of us for our dinner - crazy idea!

 photo hellofreshrecipecard_zps00cde3c0.jpg

It was hot hot hot in that kitchen, with pans boiling, the griddle sizzling & the oven baking, but I did it and the meals were absolutely gorgeous. There was more than enough of some of the ingredients needed - there was more than double the quantity of potatoes needed in the fish & chip recipe and plenty of garlic cloves. All I needed to add from my own store cupboard was salt & pepper and olive oil, although there was 2 lots of soy sauce instead of 1 soy sauce and 1 malt vinegar.

 photo hellofreshmeals_zps6946d7c3.jpg

The finished meals were huge, especially the salad, the leftovers of which were packed up in a lunchbox and taken to a football tournament the following day. Each dish would definitely serve 2 as stated without the need for any additional sides and considering that there is no need to buy any ingredients (apart from the salt,pepper & oil) I think the price tag of £4.30 per meal* is excellent value. 

 photo hellofreshfinishedmeals_zpsef39afbd.jpg

I'm now seriously considering buying a Family Box as it serves 4-5 people, perfect size for our family.

* based on 5 meals in a classic box for 6 people

I was sent the Classic box with 3 meals for 2 people for the purpose of this review

**** FOR A DISCOUNT OF £20 enter code 5NNZ8D at checkout ****


  1. Ooh I'm off to have a look at this, it sounds like a really good idea

  2. This is such a good idea! I love the idea of the ease at which it all happens. Brilliant.

  3. you have made this food go around a long way! and it looks bloomin' lovely as always. Hello Fresh are a good idea and i will be using your discount once i get 'paid' again x



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