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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My First Bento

After picking up a cool little lunchbox for only £1.95 last week on dotcomgiftshop I thought I would treat Jack to his first ever Bento lunch. Bento's are Japanese one portion meals and are often elaborately arranged with carved vegetables and food made to look fun. I didn't have any fun stuff so just arranged his lunch in mini muffin cases and placed them in the box. Just seeing it in the box was enough to make Jack gasp 'Wow Mum'. It's a lot more fun than being on a plate isn't it!

  photo bento1_zps055043d8.jpg
 photo bento4_zps86c60de3.jpg

If you want to check out some amazing Bento ideas then head over to Pinterest or check out the talented Capture by Lucy who creates some fabulous Bento's for her boys.

 photo BentoPinterest_zps72e5c53f.jpg


  1. That's so true, it is much more fun than a plate! I love the lunch box!

  2. What a very cute lunchbox. I have to agree something more fun about eating it this way. Kinda like a picnic is fun even though just sitting in a blankie outside.



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