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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Room for Improvement - Home Makeover on a Budget

With 3 kids the rooms in this house are constantly in need of a makeover, there are always grubby fingermarks that need cleaning off the walls, or chips out of the paintwork that need touching up.

When MoneySupermarket challenged me to makeover a room on a budget of £50 it couldn't have come at a better time. I needed that kick up the bum to get my paintbrush out again, and this time it was on the landing (is the landing actually classed as a room? maybe not). I'd starting painting it sometime last year but never got around to adding that final coat of white or putting any pictures up. I had already bought a heart shaped mirror and a small multi photo frame in preparation, but that's a far as it got. I knew there wasn't much that needed doing, just that one coat of paint and maybe a touch up of the wooodwork.

 photo landingbefore_zps4f955cd1.jpg

Whilst out shopping for a few accessories and more photo frames I spied a bargain in Asda Home, a tin of Pearl Grey paint for just £5. Not one to make life easy for myself I bought it, meaning that I would now need to paint at least 2 coats of grey instead of just one white - and then what if I didn't like it?

I bit the bullet and painted anyway, avoiding the questions of "what colour is THAT?".

Thankfully it worked, and everyone loved the grey (phew), and once the woodwork and doors were cleaned up with the help of a few baby wipes and some cream cleaner I put the pictures, mirror and new lampshade up.

It's not easy to take photos of this space but hopefully the difference is noticeable.

 photo landing1_zpscf05fb28.jpg  photo landing2_zps64269667.jpg photo landing3_zps4340d62f.jpg photo landing4_zps8b4ea5b7.jpg
 photo landing5_zps85c59d81.jpg

This is how I spent my £50 :

Grey & white striped basket £10 Asda
Birdcage lamp shade £12.99 Dunelm
6 picture photo frame £7.99 Dunelm
9 picture photo frame £12.99 Zulily
Pearl Grey paint £5 Asda
Bathroom door hanger £1.79 Dunelm

Total Spend £50.76

I was provided with £50 towards to cost of the makeover


  1. thank you...I'm wondering which walls I can paint grey next!

  2. This looks amazing. The grey looks fab, I'd never have thought to use grey x

  3. thanks Susan...I know, who'd have thought grey could be such a warming colour! It's the new Magnolia! ;-)

  4. innocentcharmer24 May 2013 at 11:33

    Love it, Grey is one of my fave colours, it features in nearly every room in my house somewhere. I too love alot of photo frames up in my hall x

  5. AnnieMammasaurus24 May 2013 at 14:03

    Lovely colour, grey isn't one I would have thought of but it works so well, really peaceful. Love those picture frames too - good work missus! x

  6. I love grey, our spare room is grey.

    I was going to say when I saw the before that it didn't need doing, but actually it looks totally amazing now. I love your accessories too.

    1. grey is my new favourite colour! the room only needed the paint touching up...but of course I had to do more!! I love my lampshade -)

  7. That looks brilliant - I want my hallway to look like that!

  8. So pretty: I never would have thought of grey!

  9. Ohhhhh I love the photo frames - very pretty indeed :)

  10. That looks lovely. I really like all the heart looks and details. We did Chloe's room like that last year and it seems so peaceful - she still loves it.

  11. oooh fantastic Helen. It looks lovely, I need to go to Dunelm. :-)

  12. i really love it Helen. very grown up looking, clean lines and simple touches but so effective. beautiful photo frames too. i love Dunelm Mill so easy to get carried away in there x

  13. Love it! The grey looks great on the walls and I love all the black and white photos x

  14. I love this, the grey looks lovely - I'm getting so inspired by these £50 makeovers x

  15. Fantastic! Photos frames are going well with the wall color.

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