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Monday, 21 January 2013

Time for a change

At the moment it feels as though Spring is a long way off, but over the next few weeks the days will be getting longer and (hopefully) warmer. Spring usually brings with it change, whether it be rearranging the furniture, cleaning out the cupboards, decorating or something more major such as a house move or extension.

I'm always rearranging the furniture, whatever the time of year, and we have no plans to move or have an extension any time soon, although a garage conversion is high on my wish list. I would however like to spruce up the lounge, with a lick of paint, new carpet and perhaps some new curtains. 

We've managed to keep the beige carpet relatively clean looking, despite being subjected to many tea, coffee and soft drink spillages (no red wine I might add) and not to mention the amount of toddler accidents that it's seen over the past nine years. It's time for a new one though, due to the one and only threadbare patch in front of the husband's chair, proving my thoughts that he watches too much tv. (Hello husband if you're reading, you know it's true!)

The current curtains have been up for quite a few years now, well when I say 'up' they were taken down when we decorated a couple of years ago as I wanted new ones but then didn't find anything I liked so they went back up again. Now I'm bored and want a change. I'm sure that even a fussy person such as myself can find something to go with our wallpaper in the massive range at Tuiss curtains, or maybe it's time for new wallpaper too...



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