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Monday, 21 January 2013

If you can't stand the heat........

I never hide the fact that I love my kitchen and usually spend a lot of time in there, both when I'm cooking and working.

At this time of the year I spend a lot less time hunched over the breakfast bar tapping away on my laptop in fear of getting frostbite, and the laptop has been moved to a warm corner of the lounge next to the radiator.

Obviously I still do a lot of cooking in the kitchen and what I love most about it being half conservatory is the amount of natural light we get in, making it a great location for photographing odds and ends being sold on Ebay or, more importantly, food.

Come the evening though I'm back to my warm spot in the lounge, looking out onto the snow covered street, wishing that Spring would hurry up and I can go back to sitting perched on my bar stool enjoying the blue skies whilst I work.


Of course, after Spring comes Summer, and that's a whole different ballgame, which, on the really hot days (thankfully few & far between), leaves me seeking out the coolness of that once warm corner of the lounge. Mostly the kitchen is a pleasant place to be thanks to the blinds that we have on all the windows and doors, all made to measure like the blinds from blinds 2 go.



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