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Monday, 10 December 2012

Gluten Free Pizzas at Domino's

If you suffer from any kind of foot intolerance or allergy eating out can often be a chore, or even impossible. Recently Domino's Pizza introduced their new Gluten Free base which is also suitable for those allergic to dairy or lactose intolerant. As their pizzas are all made to order they can be made without cheese to provide a completely dairy free pizza.

We were invited to try out the new pizzas along with other products in the Domino's range to see what we thought of the new gluten free base.

Nanny & Pop Pop agreed to join us for the feast, along with a friend of Hanna's. In total there was eight of us and we shared 3 pizzas, sides, dessert and drinks.

Unfortunately, although Domino's offer a pizza delivery service, they don't deliver to us out in the sticks but it's only 20 minutes drive away to collect. The online order system is really easy, with the ability to select the size of the pizza, type of base and toppings and customise as required. Once your order is placed you can keep an eye on the progress of your order using the pizza tracker. When we ordered there was a 50% off pizzas special offer, which was a bit of a bonus and meant we could have more ice cream!


We ordered a gluten free half and half pizza with half hot & spicy and the other half pepperoni, along with a gluten free ham and pineapple and a non gluten free pepperoni to compare the bases. The gluten free pizzas are marked on the side of the box so there's no mix up if you're also ordering regular bases too.

Both of the pizzas were really nice, not too thick and not too greasy. They were both crispy, but not hard and the gluten free didn't have any kind of after-taste. The conclusion was that the gluten free base was just a little drier than the regular base but had we not ordered the regular base as well we don't think anyone would have noticed any difference. The only downside is that the gluten free base is only available in small but maybe that's something that will change in the future if they prove to be popular.

We also tried wings, chicken, wedges and boneless ribs from the sides menu and Ben & Jerry's ice cream and cookies from the dessert menu. Everything ordered was really nice & still hot by the time we got it home (apart from the ice cream obviously).


Additional information regarding Domino's can be found here :

We were allowed to choose items from the menu to a certain value for the purpose of this review


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